Writing surfaces

The block and folding wall can advantageously be provided with panels with Whiteboard properties. Write and erase directly on the wall surface or use the wall for magnetically hanging writing materials or other useful equipment.

Material facts

Whiteboard is offered as glass enamelled sheet steel or as plastic laminate. 


Delivered in different shades, solid or as part of a wall with a whiteboard, or a blackboard for crayons. Whiteboard materials can also be combined with other surface materials for creative wall solutions.


Whiteboard as a glass-enamelled sheet steel is almost indestructible, easy to clean and scratch-resistant. Panels with Whiteboard are relatively heavy.

The plastic material is more sensitive to damage, more susceptible to scratches and in the long run more difficult to clean. The plastic alternative is nonetheless very affordable.

Climate aspects

No directly environmentally hazardous materials but relatively difficult to separate in the event of recycling (chipboard from sheet steel, sheet steel from glass enamel).



Examples of writeable surfaces


for crayons

Vit för magnet


Vit ej magnetisk

non magnetic

Vit melamin glossy

melamine glossy