The movable walls consist of easily movable wall elements for simple and flexible division. The walls are offered as single-point suspension with a simple closing line between two points, alternatively as two-point suspension with flexible closing line and parking.

Parking options

Parkering K1


Small, compact parking Two-point-suspension where one wheel pair runs along the closing line. A parking option which is suitable when one side of the movable walls is blocked in some way or when it may be difficult to find attachments outside the closing line.

Parkering K3


A parking option where the wall segments are parked beside/behind a protruding wall. The parking cannot be considered "hidden", but the wall segments will still have a certain hidden placement when the room is to be used fully – without the movable walls.

Parkering K4


The wall segments are parked in a niche outside the closing line. Here it is also possible to create a hidden parking by putting a niche door that completely hides the wall segments when they are parked.

Parkering K5


An example of parking where a protruding wall is used to align several parking sections and a larger amount of wall segments of a relatively long closing line.

Parkering K6


Niche rotated 90°. The wall segments are parked outside the closing line and, just as in K4, there is also here a possibility to create a hidden parking by placing a door over the niche.

Parkering Z1


Perhaps the most common two-point-suspension of movable walls. The suspension is relatively simple to mount and preferred in comparison to K1, which requires a few more handling steps when closing, opening and parking the wall.

Parkering Z2


A parking alternative where the wall segments protrude less next to the closing line in comparison to, for example, Z1.

Parkering E1


A single-point-suspension movable walls where the wall is mounted at the centre of the closing line. The parking is simple and uncomplicated to mount.

Parkering special


We develop customized suspension and parking solutions based on specific requirements.

Nischdörr för blockvägg

Niche Doors

We can make niche doors up to 6 meters high. Edge-suspended or sliding as movable walls panels.