Quality requirements

In our interpretation, quality means creating walls that meet our customers' requirements for appearance and function, but also offering high delivery capacity and a flexible and service-oriented organisation. Our quality goals are achieved by following a well-developed quality policy. We are also quality certified according to ISO 9001.

Quality policy

Winab's quality policy contains overall quality goals but also guidelines for how we should achieve high ambitions regarding our long-term quality.

Overall quality goals:
  • Our products must fulfil desired, promised and agreed properties.
  • A wall solution from Winab must be delivered on time and at the agreed price.
  • The products must comply with applicable standards, laws and regulations.
The quality goals are achieved by:
  • each employee knowing and understanding the content of the quality policy and the quality plan.
  • an organization where everyone's responsibilities and abilities for different tasks are clearly stated.
  • our employees having the right knowledge in their field of work and feeling responsible for their own task.
  • our employees identifying and reporting any problems.
  • equipment and premises being appropriate and in good condition.
  • our quality management system according to EN ISO 9001 being incorporated and applied in the company.
  • the quality system constantly being revised and improved.

Quality management

Winab is quality certified according to ISO 9001. The certification gives us management and control but is also an effective tool to meet our customers' needs, now and in the future.

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