The need determines the choice of partition

Winab offers a wide range of folding walls and movable walls varying in terms of design, technology, and functionality. But what type of partition really fits best? The simple answer is that it is determined by the need and the conditions of the premises.

Folding wall

The simplicity of the folding wall makes it an excellent choice for small and medium-sized premises. Floor-folding walls - where the weight rests against a rail in the floor - can also be installed in environments where the bearing capacity of the roof cannot sustain high loads.

In terms of design, folding walls are offered in every conceivable material and colour. Regardless of the venue’s interior style there is therefore always a folding wall that fits. The programme includes surfaces in a wide range of materials and colours. The wall can also be provided with photographic motifs or clad with sound-absorbing panels or textiles.

Glass folding walls are an attractive and practical alternative that combines demands for privacy with exclusivity and the ability to take advantage of the light from the external environment or nearby premises.

Folding walls are common in office environments, schools, and preschools but also in restaurants and smaller conference facilities.


General benefits

  • Designed according to the premise’s conditions
  • Large selection of materials and colours

Specific benefits

  • Easy operation
  • Floor-to-ceiling construction means low requirements for the bearing capacity of the roof


Recommended environments

  • Offices
  • Schools and preschools
  • Restaurants
  • Smaller conference facilities

Movable walls

The movable walls has a more robust construction and thus offers a higher degree of sound insulation. They are well-suited in premises with high demands on the sound environment. The movable walls is also a suitable choice for expansive premises with high ceilings.

Movable walls are easy to handle and take up little or no space in the room when they are parked. The ceiling-mounted construction also eliminates the need for floor rails, having no effect on floor surfaces - in situations when the doors are parked. All that is visible is the rail system in the ceiling.

A strong argument for the movable walls is the possibility of several closing lines in the same room. There is a great deal of flexibility, as the space can be divided into several rooms with sizes adapted to the purpose.

Movable walls with glass outlets combine the functionality of the movable walls with the possibility of utilising light from the external environment or nearby premises.

Movable walls are installed advantageously in large rooms such as conference facilities, schools, hotels, and other public spaces.


Winab blockvägg

General benefits

  • Designed according to the premise’s conditions
  • Large selection of materials and colours

Specific benefits

  • Powerful construction
  • Strong soundproofing
  • Handles high ceilings
  • No / small interventions on the floor of the room
  • Opportunities for hidden parking
  • Several closing lines


Recommended environments

  • Larger offices / conference rooms
  • Conference Facilities
  • Schools / universities
  • Hotels
  • Larger spaces in public environments