Smart partitions provide flexible workplaces

Room division is a key element of all architecture. Good floor plans are crucial for well-being in the workplace and for achieving an interior and work environment that truly works. Winab flexible movable walls and folding walls offer smart partitioning solutions for all environments.

Solutions that meet both public and private needs

Combining design and comfort with full functionality is a challenge in most work environments. The activity and need for space varies and the room sometimes feels oversized and difficult to utilise. The balance between private and more public areas is often a key issue when planning public spaces.

Room partitioning with folding walls and movable walls is a smart and flexible way to adapt the room to the needs of the day. Work surfaces can be transformed instantly, without major and cost-intensive interventions.

Meeting and conference facilities

The office’s need for meeting and conference spaces is satisfied by modern, easy-to-handle partitions.

Folding or movable walls are positioned in a suitable location in a larger room to be divided into smaller zones as necessary. If the walls are foldable, the meeting manager can quickly extend or shorten them depending on the conditions of the room and the meeting, the number of participants and the type of activity.


Break and changing rooms

Break and changing rooms are valuable spaces in most workplaces. The break room gives the staff the opportunity for a moment of relaxation in privacy. Mobile changing cabinets and benches can be installed as needed, as well as a TV, board games or other things that contribute to a lower stress level in the workplace.

Schools and educational facilities

The folding or movable walls can quickly divide the large classroom into smaller spaces for group work or individual studies. With glazed solutions, the teacher can work with parallel groups whilst maintaining an overview of all rooms.

Healthcare facilities and nursing homes

Healthcare facilities and nursing homes are typical examples of environments where many requirements must be met. Partitions may be used for care facilities where patients are separated from each other as well as to separate visiting rooms from treatment rooms.

Example floor plans


With a partition, the layout and size of the room changes quickly based on the needs of the day.


Movable walls between dining room and break room, hospital in Malmö, Sweden.


With a movable wall solution, the length of conference rooms quickly changes...

Planlösningsexempel an open banquet area for the evening (Scandic Downtown Camper Stockholm).