Folding walls - when you need an extra room quickly

With a smart and flexible folding wall, the oversized assembly hall, training room or conference room is transformed into smaller units adapted for the purpose. Make the most of every precious square metre with a folding wall solution from Winab.


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Highly flexible folding walls

Folding walls are the ideal choice for premises users with high demands for flexibility. In environments where space requirements often vary, folding doors are a fast effective solution.

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Ceiling- or floor-mounted folding walls?

Ceiling-mounted folding walls run easily and friction-free, while floor-mounted walls run on floor rails whose weight rests on the floor. Your choice depends on the nature of the property and space requirements.

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How should walls be parked?

When closed, your folding walls give a completely flat wall surface. When open, sections need to be parked in a position appropriate to the premises' design and function. There are four parking alternatives for folding walls.

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Folding walls

The folding wall is the optimal choice for premises users with high demands on flexibility.

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Sound reduction

Winab's range includes folding wall solutions for all acoustic environments. 

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Folding glass walls

Folding glass walls combine separateness requirements with an open, airy impression and a strong inflow of light. 

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Folding firewalls

Winab's folding firewalls are designed and made to meet fire category EI30.

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