Core values

Our owner Indutrade has a well-established reputation throughout Europe for honesty and integrity on social, environmental and business ethics issues. As part of the Group, it is important that we at Winab share common values and follow established basic rules.

Indutrade's code of conduct gives us guidance on how to relate to the world around us and handle specific situations.

At Winab, we have created our own expression of this, which we summarize as follows.

  • Show respect and consideration
    I treat all fellow human beings with respect, consideration and interest and show a positive and welcoming attitude.
  • Acknowledge good effort
    I see and praise good examples and deeds and rejoice in the success of others and my own.
  • See the whole picture and contribute to work improvement
    I look at the whole picture and work continuously and actively to improve my work.
  • Take responsibility
    I take responsibility for my actions and solve the problems I encounter, by myself or with the help of others.
  • Keep your promises
    I keep my promises and am factual and honest in my conversations.