Strong reasons to choose Winab

High quality and short delivery times are Winab's main advantages. Flexibility and the ability to meet customers' wishes make us the market leader in the Nordic region.


Learning to build walls takes time. We know. We have been doing it for over 40 years. Many of our employees have been involved for a long time - some since the start - and today we have a number of experienced craftsmen and women who know everything about every wall detail.

At the same time, knowledge is like fresh produce, it must constantly be replaced and expanded. Our staff is continuously trained and we have for a long time applied work rotation as a way to further develop our employees.

A lot is automated, but a lot is still a craft. Careful refinement where all the mechanics must work, but where the end product at the same time must be pleasant to look at. One or the other is not enough for us. We must master everything. If the customer has their own ideas and specific wishes, then it is up to us to perform.

High quality

In our eyes, quality is a matter of attitude. We therefore have for a long time developed an attitude where every Winab employee works with accuracy and fingertip feeling to minimize shortcomings in our products. 

Folding and movable walls are often large, which requires knowledge of handling building bodies with a large volume. Over the years, we have become accustomed to handling large components and can thus avoid defects due to shocks and other accidents.

Flexible with short delivery times

For us, flexibility means meeting the customer with what they are looking for and to delivering this on time and with the right quality. Listening carefully and creating solutions for unique needs is the very foundation of our success.

Winab's flexibility is well known and possible thanks to our unique wall construction and a well-developed factory.

Our wall products are built from Winab-standardised components and materials, which are combined in innumerable varieties. With smart construction methods, we can - quickly and efficiently - meet even the most demanding needs.

Our factory is adapted and developed for our solutions, and through many years of experience and high competence among our operators, we can offer short turn-over times and a high degree of scalability with increased demand.

Service feeling

For us at Winab, the service feeling is important. We understand the importance of continuous access to knowledgeable expertise, for questions about function and design. Our employees have experience which they are happy to share.

We help you as a customer to find a product that really works. If you have questions about current standards and regulations, or need help with necessary calculations, you are always welcome to contact us. 

A collaboration with Winab gives you many benefits. We have the broadest program on the market and the knowledge required to deliver it to you.