Sound-absorbing panels

We offer fabric-covered sound-absorbing panel solutions for folding walls and movable walls, but also free-standing panels for mounting directly on the wall.

With smart systems, acoustic solutions adapted to the conditions of the room can be manufactured and installed directly on site.

In folding walls the technology is integrated in the structure. In the movable walls, however, the panels are on the surface. Free-standing panels are mounted straight on the wall or, in case of severe sound problems, also on the ceiling.

Smart technology - great variety

The absorption technology - which is based on a specially developed, fabric-covered sound-absorbing blanket - captures and reduces bouncing sound waves. The sound image of the room is "balanced" and the work environment is perceived as calmer.

The panels' sound-absorbing core consists of recyclable polyester and thus meets Winab's sustainability goals. The material does not emit toxic substances and is not allergenic.

The panels are offered with fabric covers in a wide range of qualities and colours. In the event of a request for continuous renewal, the fabric can simply be replaced. The range also includes fire-rated fabrics. The panels can also be used as bulletin boards or as screens between desks.

Sound-absorbing panels are excellent in offices, schools and other public spaces where the sound environment is perceived as a problem.