Shared room - double joy!

A partition serves many purposes. Smart folding and movable walls provide flexibility to create the workspaces that are needed for the day. Decorative, sound-absorbing partitions also give the room character and give a nice lift to the working environment.

Winab offers flexible, customized wall solutions for customers with high demands on the rational use of their premises. Our products are used in schools and day care facilities, universities and other educational environments and are also frequently found in hospitals, offices, conference facilities and hotels as well as in public environments such as cultural and concert venues.



Partitions provide efficient rooms

With smart folding and movable walls the room is adapted to the needs of the day. Work and meeting areas can be transformed instantly, without major and costly interventions.

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Partitions provide quiet rooms

High noise levels cause stress and are a health risk to the staff. With well thought-out architecture and the right materials in the ceiling, floor and walls, a functional sound environment is created.

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Parkering av vikväkkar

Movable walls or folding walls?

Movable walls or folding walls? What type of partition is most suitable? The decision is determined by the requirement and the conditions of the premises.


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