Glass folding walls

Winabs program also offers folding walls with glass. The glass folding wall gives a open and airy feel, which lets in lots of light to the area where it is mounted.

The glass folding wall is built with double sound slat glass which gives a tested sound insulation value of Rw 47 dB. The light transmission and the sound-reducing properties make glass folding walls suitable for, for example, meeting and conference rooms.

In terms of handling, the glass folding wall works in the same way as Winab's other folding walls.

The glass folding wall is usually delivered with clear sound slat glass. Glass parts with printed patterns or coloured glass are available as options. The aluminium sections are offered in black, white or as natural anodised aluminium.

Download the brochure for glass folding walls

Glass folding walls

The glass folding wall consists of two parallel flat glass surrounded by a thin aluminium frame. The wall is delivered with the same suspension and parking options as the standard folding wall design.

Specified colour/surface treatment refers to standard. Other options are available as options.


Thickness 80 mm
Weight/m² 46 kg
Section Width Maximum 950 mm In high walls, the maximum width is reduced.
Height Max 3500 mm
Colour/surface treatment Profiles, jambs & head track in black-, white- or naturalanodised aluminium, or any RAL-colour.
Sound reduction Rw 47 dB

Assembly guide

WINAB’s folding walls are easy to assemble. The wall is delivered well-packaged on a pallet with the rails delivered in a separate bundle. A box with fittings and accessories is found in the package with the wall panels. Break the packaging when the assembly is to be done. The panels are placed in the order in which they are to be lifted up into the roof rail. Therefore, take care not to change the order of the panels when unpacking.

For good and tight function between floor and wall, the floor must be level. It is of utmost importance that the connecting structures (floor, wall and ceiling) meet the sound requirements and neither cause crosstalk nor flank transmission. Common sound culprits are, for example, floating floors and transverse beams.

Verify whether you should mount a floor-running or ceiling-suspended folding wall. The ceiling-suspended folding wall requires a ceiling structure that can carry the folding wall’s entire weight. Follow the assembly guide below or choose to download a printable version.

If any problems arise with the mounting process, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Downloadable files

Assembly Guide and Handle Mounting
User Manual


Assembly guide for Winab floor-running glass folding wall

  1. Make sure that the floor rail is mounted flat ± 1 mm.
  2. Install starter frame with section 1, standing on the floor rail, vertical to the wall.
  3. Screw in the U-profile of the roof rail with a sinker over the floor rail, mount the suspended ceiling rail and slide the sealing strip in.
  4. Raise section no. 2, fit the hinges and push in the pins. If the top pin cannot be pushed in from above due to lack of space, it is bent somewhat approximately 2 cm under the head and pushed in from below.
  5. Continue according to point 4 with the remaining sections in numerical order, 3, 4, 5 etc.
  6. Pull the wall out according to the user manual and lock in a flat position with the espagnolettes.
  7. Adjust the roof rail so that the sealing strips rest against the sections’ top edges. According to figure 1 below.
  8. Mount the end frame and perform any width adjustment. According to figure 2 below.
  9. Mount handles according to "Assembly Guide and Handle Mounting".
  10. Attach with seam to wall and ceiling to ensure a tight installation.

Parking - two options to choose from

A folding wall is completely smooth in closed position. In the open position, you park the sections in the place that is most suitable in terms of how the room looks and should function. You should also take into account what the constructional solutions allow.

Open folding walls are always parked directly in or next to the closing line. Below you see which options you can choose from.


Parking options

Click on the pictures to see in 3D.

1-flyglig vikvägg

1-wing, edge-suspended folding wall

The parking square is placed inside the closing line with a wicket door in the last section. Can only be done as floor-running.

2-flyglig vikvägg

2-wing, edge-suspended folding wall

The parking squares are placed inside the closing line and the wicket door in the middle of the folding wall. Can only be done as floor-running.

Design drawings

Winab's glass folding wall can be obtained as floor-standing, wayward with the same function as Winab's Folding Wall 2000. Glass walls with sound isolation Rw 47dB, consist of individual elements that are hinged together. In closed mode, the elements create a flat, soundproof wall surface. The walls are made of flat glass with any decor.

Drawing Glass Folding Walls