Sustainability requirements

To, with limited natural resources, give the next generation the same good living conditions as today, is something most of us probably agree on. At Winab, we are fully aware of the challenges we face together, and work actively to find sustainable solutions.

Environmental assessments

As a supplier, we contribute to sustainable solutions by being transparent with our own environmental work but also with facts about the properties of our products. Relevant environmental information is therefore reported in environmental assessment systems that our customers can easily access.

Construction product assessment BVD
Makes comprehensive assessments of construction products to promote development towards a non-toxic and good built environment and for responsible supply levels. Winab's products are environmentally assessed in the Construction Product Assessment.

Sunda Hus
Evaluates products and provides property owners with a basis for conscious decisions that promote the environment and human health. Winab's wall solutions are recognised by Sunda Hus.

World-leading system for determining the environmental impact of products in buildings. We provide the necessary documentation for our customers' BREEAM certification. 

America’s climate certification for buildings. The certification is adapted to the Swedish market, and a number of construction projects where Winab's folding walls have been installed are certified according to LEED.

In addition to what has been mentioned, there are a number of alternative options for certifying buildings. Environmental Building, EU Green Building and CEEQUAL are some examples. We help customers who are striving for an environmental certificate with the product documentation that the project requires.

Climate certification

Winab has been certified according to ISO 14001 - an international standard for environmental management - since 2008.

The certification verifies that we as a company set relevant goals for our environmental impact and meet all of the requirements set by the standard.

Download certificates (swedish)