Movable walls - For large room with high sound requirements

Movable walls are an excellent choice for large rooms with high ceilings where the sound environment is extremely demanding. The wall blocks move smoothly into different positions to form spaces adapted to the user’s needs.

Winab blockvägg

Movable walls give a good acoustic enviroment

Movable walls' structure and generous insulation make them an excellent alternative to room partitions in environments with high acoustic requirements.

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Parkering blockvägg

How can walls be parked?

Moveable walls consist of easily moveable wall sections which run in ceiling rails. Blocks can be supplied as one- or two-point suspensions based on parking.

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Plan your movable wall


1. Sound requirements

Think about the sound environment and what requirements it places.


2. Design/material

Choose look. The walls are available in a wide range of materials and colours.

3. Roof-rail

How should the roof-rail be mounted in relation to the ceiling? There are three options.

Sea all movable walls rails


4. Parking

How to park walls? Walls are available in one- or two-point mountings.


5. Accessories

Adapt walls with accessories such as doors, windows or whiteboards.


Moveable walls

Moveable walls' flexibility and stable construction make them suitable for large premises with high acoustic requirements.

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Movable glass walls

We offer glazed moveable walls in a broad range of profiles and glazing.

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Movable firewalls

We have developed moveable firewalls to current European standards.

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