Movable walls provide a good sound environment

The structure of the movable walls and generous isolation makes it an excellent alternative for room partitioning in environments with high sound requirements. Our movable walls provide a sound reduction of up to Rw 53 dB.

Walls adapted to meet the sound requirements

Sound perception is highly individual. What is barely noticed by some is perceived as disturbing and bothersome by others. Under sound reduction, general guidelines are provided to keep in mind when designing the specific requirements for your partition.

The sound environment is affected by the size and shape of the room, the activities in the room but also by the acoustic properties in the surrounding floors, ceilings and walls.

The sound properties of the wall depend on material, thickness, weight and surface structure, but also on size and suspension.

Winab's movable walls have a thickness of 85-110 mm and weigh 26-63 kg. The folding wall is made up of aluminium profiles covered by surface-treated boards, intermediate insulation and sound-absorbing materials. The surface layers are chosen based on sound requirements and aesthetic requirements.

Tested and classified

Winab’s movable walls are tested by The Swedish Institute of Testing and Research and classified based on current standards.

Classification of noise reduction is done with two methods. Tests in lab environments provide a fixed laboratory value denoted as Rw. The laboratory value differs from the field value, denoted as R´w, and is measured in the environment where the wall is mounted. The field value is usually about 3-6 dB lower than the Rw value. Flank transmission, when the sound travels over, under or around the wall, can further degrade the field value.

Measurements of Winab's movable walls provide a noise reduction corresponding to Rw 41 to 53 dB laboratory value. The field value is somewhat lower.



Good acoustics improve the room's sounds environment

The room’s acoustics is determined by how the sound “bounces” between walls, floor and ceiling. By controlling how the sound moves, the sound environment can be improved.

Our Quiet Solutions-program includes smart, aesthetically pleasing  sound absorbers with very good acoustic properties. Attractive panels in a well-thought-out modular system that provides excellent opportunities for tailor-made solutions. The panels are simple to mount and can be combined to your taste and liking.

The products have been tested at the Swedish Technical Research Institute with excellent acoustic results.