Norms and standards

Work environment and safety are obvious key concepts in our clients’ businesses. Therefore, our wall systems are developed to meet high requirements regarding for example fire protection, quality and sound environment. The products are continuously tested and approved by established testing operators according to national and international standards.

Fire and sound

Fire-rated products are built to prevent the spread of fire and slow down temperature increases. The products should also have properties which facilitate evacuation in case of fire. Standards regarding fire protection are summarized in the Housing Board’s building regulations (BBR).

Provisions regarding noise and noise disturbances are summarized in the same way in BBR but also in other sets of rules such as the Swedish Work Environment Authority's regulations on workplace design.

Quality and environment

Quality is one of our core values and we have been quality certified according to ISO 9001 for a long time. The certification gives us management and control but also an effective tool to meet our customers' needs, now and in the future.

Another high-priority area is sustainability, where we invest hard and purposefully in production which minimises our impact on the environment. Winab is certified according to ISO 14001 since 2008.

We also contribute to sustainable solutions by being transparent with facts about the characteristics of our products. Relevant environmental information is reported in environmental assessment systems that our customers can easily access.

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