Customer support

We have been building folding and movable walls for over 40 years at Winab. Today we have experience which we are proud of but that we are also happy to share. Knowledgeable technicians and sales people will help you choose the right product and will answer questions about current regulations, assembly and maintenance. Knowledge and service are also offered directly on the website.

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For us at Winab, direct contact with our customers is important. The readiness is therefore high when you are looking for answers to specific questions or want guidance on the best solution for your particular project.

The website is the perfect complement. A well-stocked information bank that you can visit at any time to learn more about our range and prepare for contact with us.

Here you may find necessary facts about all our products and recommendations regarding your choice of wall type. Here is also basic information about norms and standards that you need to adhere to in order to meet laws and government requirements.

Suzanne Larsson
Customer Service
Phone. +46 8 5200 51 11

Emelie Nilsson
Customer Service
Phone. +46 8 5200 51 12