Work environment

A good work environment is for us a workplace where employees like to go to work. A healthy workplace with motivating tasks and a good atmosphere, where occupational injuries and work-related accidents are rare.


Safety in our workplace is more important than anything else. We therefore devote a lot of time and energy to creating routines that ensure a good work environment and minimise the risk of accidents.

The goal is obvious. We must always strive for a zero vision when it comes to work-related accidents. 

This is achieved by:

  • Engagement – Every Winab employee has a personal responsibility and is expected to feel involved in the work of creating safe workplaces.
  • The right materials and methods – When choosing a product, method, equipment and vehicle, the working environment, health and safety must always be taken into account.
  • Risk awareness – We achieve a safe working environment by understanding the risks in our work and using what we have learned to avoid incidents and injuries.
  • Safety equipment – Injuries due to negligence with protective equipment are unfortunately common in most workplaces. Each Winab employee has their own responsibility to stay informed and use the equipment required by our safety regulations.

Job satisfaction

At Winab, every employee should feel satisfaction in their work.

Commitment and motivation are achieved by creating the feeling of participation in the work in every way. We must have developed routines for staff appraisals and ongoing development work.

We must at all levels participate in social activities to strengthen the sense of togetherness and well-being.