Folding walls with sound classification

Unwelcome sounds greatly affect our work environment. Noise disturbances are perceived by many as frustrating and often lead to stress and inefficiency at work. What is perceived as disturbing is at the same time individual. Some have a greater need for silence and seclusion than others. Winab’s wall software includes solutions for all sound environments.

Smart technology provides the right sound properties

Room size and shape as well as the acoustic properties of floors, ceilings and walls are extremely important for the rooms sound environment.

A folding wall from Winab consists of aluminium profiles clad with surface-treated boards, intermediate insulation and sound-absorbing material. With the right dimensioning and well-thought-out sealing technology, we can offer solutions for most sound requirements.


Documented sound reduction

Winab’s folding walls have been tested both in laboratory and in the field, i.e. the environment in which the wall is installed.

The laboratory value is denoted as Rw and differs from the field value denoted as R’w. The field value is usually 3-6 dB lower than the laboratory value.

Our folding walls are sound-tested by the Swedish Testing and Research Institute and are rated with a sound reduction corresponding to Rw 41 to 52 dB laboratory value.

The right acoustics give the sound environment an extra boost

The acoustics of the room are determined by how the sound bounces between walls, floors, and ceilings. By controlling how the sound moves, the sound environment can be improved.

Our Quiet Solutions programme includes smart, aesthetically pleasing absorbers with incredibly good acoustic properties. Attractive panels in a well-thought-out modular system that provides excellent opportunities for tailor-made solutions. The panels are easy to assemble and can be combined to your liking and taste.

The products have been tested at the Swedish Technical Research Institute with excellent acoustic results.