Sound-absorbing products

With absorbing panels, textiles and smart acoustic products, the room’s sound environment can be drastically improved. Winab's subsidiary Quiet Solutions offers a well-thought-out program of sound absorbers that fits well in most environments.

The program involves acoustic panels and absorbers for indoor and outdoor environments, as well as sound insulating materials. We also design, manufacture and assemble customised solutions to meet prescribed sound values in rooms and environments.

The products are simple to mount and can be combined with textiles to your taste and liking. Stylish design and a wide selection have made the range popular with architects and interior designers, among others.

Sound-absorbing materials are tested by SP (Swedish Technical Research Institute) according to EN ISO 354 and have sound absorption values of class A, according to EN ISO 11654.


To achieve our sustainability goals, the sound absorbers are, as far as possible, made of natural fibres from linen and wood or recycled polyester.

None of our absorbers emit environmentally hazardous binders or particles when touched or if you lean against them, which makes them perfect in environments where people stay daily.


Sound absorbers