With the right production, we can meet our customers

Production is the very core of Winab's business. During four decades, we have built a modern and flexible facility where technology, flow sheets and routines ensure that we can meet the requirements of our customers.

In extensive premises on Ekerö outside of Stockholm, all parts of Winab's value chain gather - under one roof. On 6,300 well-planned square meters, we have built a modern, purposeful production unit that meets the tough requirements for quality and efficiency.

Competence to match unique customer requirements

The product's path through the factory begins in the designing, where requests for dimensions, functionality and materials are received and discussed.

Our products are customer-unique and our sales people and designers take on a consulting role in the start-up phase of the project. In our technical department, the results of the customer dialogue are translated into drawings and production data.

All under the same roof

In parallel processes, wall panels and profiles are manufactured as well as the mechanical parts required by the construction.

Solid wall panels are sawn, sanded and cleaned before being inserted into the painting line. In wall solutions that include veneer and laminate, the laminates are mounted on sawn boards before they are surface treated.

In the assembly department, the boards are mounted  in dimensionally adapted profiles. The finished blocks are finally provided with espagnolettes, handles, mouldings, locks and other fittings that complete the finished solution.


Strong focus on quality

Knowledgeable, committed staff is the best guarantee for consistently high quality. Here we are strongly equipped. Our production employs experienced, reliable staff who proudly takes on the task of making our customers happy.

A well-functioning quality management system gives us the tools we need to control and strengthen our processes. Winab is certified according to  ISO 9001 and 14001 since 2008. A cornerstone of the system is to compare the products to their specifications after each process step.

To protect us against operational disruptions in production, there is also a well-thought-out system for prevention and systematic maintenance.

Manufacturing in a LEAN environment minimizes redundant production steps and improves our efficiency. 


Processes for recycling, flue gas purification and using environmentally friendly paint techniques in our surface treatments contribute to low energy consumption and low levels of harmful substances in emissions and waste.


Flow chart production


Flow chart production