The right sound environment makes people feel good

Creating a good sound environment means managing sounds of varying strength and character. Some sounds are perceived as pleasant and informative, others are perceived as disturbing and affect work peace, focus and participation. 

Sound reduction is an important quality in our products. Our folding and movable walls are developed to reduce the effect of sounds from the surroundings and are tested to meet the desired sound class. We also have a broad and well-thought-out program of sound-absorbing products that can be helpful in optimising the room's acoustics. 


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Walls for a good sound environment

Material selection and construction are crucial for how partitions handle sound. We offer movable and folding walls for most sound requirements.

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Sound-absorbing products

With absorbing panels, textiles and smart acoustic products, the room’s sound environment can be drastically improved. We have what it takes.

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Welcome to Winab’s Sound School

In Winab’s Sound School we decipher the meaning of key concepts, which are important when creating a good sound environment.

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If you want to know more about how we can develop a good sound environment for you, contact:

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