Ceiling hung or floor-mounted

Winab’s folding walls are delivered in two basic versions.  Ceiling-hung folding walls run easily and smoothly in a support rail in the ceiling while floor-mounted folding walls are moved in a floor rail with the weight resting on the floor. The shape and conditions of the premises determine which alternative is more suitable.

Ceiling-hung walls


Wall elements of the desired size and section size are hung and run in a roof rail. The walls are sealed against the floor with rubber strips.

Ceiling-hung walls are offered only with centric suspension.

Folding walls can be designed as 1-leaf or 2-leaf (facing). When the wall length exceeds 10m, a 2-leaf design is recommended.

Feel free to contact us at Winab for the best solution.


Installation of ceiling-hung folding walls take place without rails or intervention in the floor, which gives free, uninterrupted floor surfaces.


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Floor-mounted folding walls


Floor-mounted folding walls run on ball-bearing wheels in a floor rail. The weight of the wall rests entirely on the floor and the floor rail.

A guide rail in the ceiling provides stability but does not strain the roof structure. A seal against the floor and guide rail is provided by rubber strips.

Floor-mounted folding walls are offered with centric or eccentric suspension.


Floor-mounted folding walls do not require bearing capacity in the ceiling structure as the weight of the wall rests directly on the floor.


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