Folding walls - when you need an extra room quickly

With a smart and flexible folding wall, the oversized assembly hall, training room or conference room is transformed into smaller units adapted for the purpose. Make the most of every precious square metre with a folding wall solution from Winab.


Folding walls give you the space you need now

The folding wall is the optimal choice for local users with high demands on flexibility. In environments where the need for space often varies, the folding wall is a quick and efficient solution. The examples are numerous.

  • In office environments, the open landscape, the dining room or the conference room can be transformed instantly into delimited group rooms or temporary work rooms for individual employees.
  • School classrooms and lecture halls can be transformed in the same way into quiet, efficient spaces for group work or individual studies. With a glass folding wall, the teacher can work with parallel groups but maintain an overview of all rooms.

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  • Folding walls are also an excellent choice in restaurants and smaller conference facilities where available spaces are easily adapted to the party expected for the day. Room presence, sound environment and well-being are improved with the right size of room.

More than just a wall

With creative ideas, the flat surface of a closed wall can also give the room colour and character. The wall panels can also be used as whiteboard, projector wall or as temporary bulletin board.  

To increase the openness of the floor plan, wall sections can also be given doors and window openings positioned to suit the floor plan of the room.



When spatial requirements often vary

Winab Vikvägg

Winab vikvägg

Technology and flexibility make us Number One

Winab leads in the development of folding and movable walls in the Nordic market. With modern technology and high flexibility, we can offer the exact the solutions our customers are looking for.

Most of our wall products are tailor-made and are adapted to the customers wishes in terms of size, material, and section division. Winab folding walls offer many advantages.

• Easy to handle

Winabs walls are based on aluminium profiles. The profiles are fitted with wall panels, insulation and sound-absorbing details selected based on the properties the customer is looking for.

The selection of materials gives our walls a lower weight than other alternatives such as wooden walls. Light weight and smart construction also make our walls easy to handle and assemble.

• Technology that is developed continuously

The technology is developed continuously to improve the properties of the walls. New coatings and types of glass create new conditions and areas of use.

• Reliable with long service life

Our service records speak for themselves. Design and selection of materials make our walls durable and reliable. Costly repairs are rare.


• Freedom of choice at all levels

The premises and the customer’s wishes determine the choice of wall. We offer great freedom of choice in terms of design, materials, suspension, parking options and other technical characteristics.

Each wall that leaves the production facility is based on well thought-out choices determined in consultation with the customer.

• Verified environmental choice

Sustainability and the environment are key concepts in our entire business, and we are fully transparent about the properties of our products. Relevant environmental information is reported to the construction industry’s environmental assessment system, which our customers can easily access. You can read more under sustainability requirements.


Five choices on the way to the right folding wall


1. Sound environment

The customer’s wishes relating to the acoustic environment are crucial for the construction of the folding wall.

With the right material, thickness, weight, and surface structure, we can influence the sound properties of the wall.

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2. Installation

The folding wall is offered in two basic designs.

Ceiling-hung folding walls run in a roof rail and are sealed to the floor with a rubber strip.

Floor-mounted folding walls run in a floor rail with the weight resting on the floor.

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3. Parking

In the open position, the folding wall is parked in a way that is suitable based on the design and function of the premises.

We offer four parking options based on the combinations single / twin-winged wall in centre-hung / edge-hung performance.

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4. Design / material

Choose from a wide range of melamine, laminate, veneer, and linoleum in a rich variety of patterns and colours.

We also offer factory painted walls in any colour, fabric-covered panels, and folding walls with glass.

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5. Optional

Customise the walls with options such as windows, fabric, or whiteboard.

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