With glass in your partition wall the feeling of open plan is combined with possibilities of privacy and a working sound environment. Our folding and movable walls are delivered with several different combinations of glass. The choice of glass is made based on area of use and client-specific requests.


Glass folding walls and movable walls with glass insertions are delivered in a large variety of designs. Clear, transparent glass, stained glass with slats, glass with screen print, frosted glass, wavy, blasted glass are some examples.


Glass is the only option for environments with requirements for light transmission, contact and space. The glass is a tough, durable material that is easy to keep clean.

Climate aspects

Glass is an environmentally friendly material which can be completely recycled. When recycling, however, any foils, slats, etc. must be separated from the glass.



Glass options

Glass is used for glass recesses in folding andmovable walls. We offer laminated or tempered glass with a sound class of up to 40 dB. Our glass folding wall of Rw 47 dB consists of double sound slats.

Our sales people will help you choose the right glass for your project.