Mounting assistance

We offer help with mounting the walls we sell in Sweden. The installation is adapted to your wishes and the conditions at the place where the wall is to be mounted.

All of our fitters are safety trained and have ID06.

Contact our sales department for installation cost estimates.

Approximately 1-2 weeks before the confirmed day, when your order will be ready for delivery from our factory, we will contact you to book a date for installation.

Prerequisites to consider when booking installation:

Depending on the sound value, each panel weighs between 26–54 kg/m2.

You as a customer are expected to take care of arrival control, unloading from the truck and transport to the assembly site. Therefore, equipment such as trucks, telescopic loaders (lull), cranes, construction lifts may be needed

That everything is prepared for the installation of the wall, that the floor/carpet, ceiling, walls are in place.

Other relevant information, such as contact person on assembly day, slot time for delivery, registration for our fitters, drilling times, etc.

Winab Folding Walls reserves the right to charge extra costs that may arise and have not already been agreed, such as waiting times, extra transports, accommodation, etc.



Sales person:

Jörgen Beckman
Phone +46 8 520 051 03

Logistics/mounting booking:

Maria Söderberg 
Phone: +46 8 520 051 35