Melamine-coated chipboard provides strong panels with a long service life and is therefore an excellent alternative for our folding and movable walls. The melamine consists of decorative paper that has been treated with varnish, sometimes with inbound natural fibres or cellulose for increased durability.


Our stock range includes melamine in a number of standard designs. Alternative melamine variants are developed at specific requests from the customer.

Melamines from our supplier Egger are offered as an order item.


Delivery time

Stocked melamine variants from the standard range (see below) can be delivered at short notice. The delivery time for alternative melamine types is estimated in connection with ordering (usually up to 6 weeks + production time).


Melamine is completely dense and easy to keep clean. The material also has a long service life and is directionally stable.

Climate aspects

Melamine is a natural product that contains only very small amounts of formaldehyde that gradually evaporates.

Movable walls

Our standard melamines are also available on movable walls with hidden profiles, please ask for delivery time. (Can not be used on fire-rated movable walls.)

Standard designs

W911 SM

W911 SM
White Cream White smooth

Equal to:
RAL 9010
NCS S0502-G50Y

PG 1

U961 ST2

U961 ST2
Graphite Grey

Equal to:
RAL 7021 NCS S8000-N

PG 2


H3840 ST9
Natural Mandal Maple

PG 2


H3157 ST12
Vicenza Oak

PG 2


U999 ST2

Equal to:
RAL 9005 NCS S9000-N

PG 2


H1714 ST19
Lincoln Walnut

PG 2


H1298 ST22
Sand Lyon Ash

PG 2


W1000 ST9
Premium White

Equal to:
RAL 9003 NCS S0500-N

PG 2


U708 ST9
Light Grey

Equal to:
RAL 7047 NCS S2000-N

PG 2